Smoke is a sacred language between spirits.



Smoking herbs has been an important part of the human experience across cultures for many millennia. The act of igniting plants with fire is a tradition used to enhance ritual, encourage social bonding, celebrate rites of passage, take medicine into the body, and simply to enjoy the potent properties of herbs.

Pipe Tea is made from all natural, organic, and ethically wildharvested plants. These blends never contain synthetic ingredients, pesticides, nicotine, or illegal substances. Many people who take pleasure in smoking find these herbal mixtures to be smooth, mild, and flavorful alternatives. Whether smoked in a pipe, rolled in paper, or used in a vaporizer, these blends can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other herbs you regularly smoke.

With an extensive background in herbalism, my blends are formulated with intention and offer a range of medicinal benefits.

I also handcraft herb-infused body care formulas and all natural whole plant incense cakes for aromatic pleasure and ceremony.


Erin McIntosh has been studying botany, herbalism, and ethical wildcrafting in the Pacific Northwest since 2008. She apprenticed at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies in the Oregon Cascades where she learned about the medicinal and spiritual benefits of smoke medicine.

Each year, she has the privilege of attending herbal conferences around the country to learn from the world's preeminent plant healers. Erin also works at Mountain Rose Herbs as the Marketing Director, lectures about herbal medicine making at the Mother Earth News Fairs each year, and writes articles for publications including MaryJane's Farm, Herb Companion, Eugene Magazine, Mother Earth Living, and Earth First. You can find her blog featuring botanical cocktail recipes, foraging tips, travel stories, and wild foods at Salt+Fat+Whiskey.